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Who’s diamond’s best friend?


Everyone knows the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” 

But… Who’s diamond’s best friend?

SURPRISE! A diamond’s best friend is grease!


You heard me. A diamond’s best friend is grease. 

You see, diamonds have an affinity for grease and oils. Diamond miners know this. This is why one of the primary and most popular ways miners and processors separate diamond roughs from ore and other minerals is by a grease belt. 

After the ore is broken down to smaller bits, processors use a water flush to wash and move the ore over a series of grease belts. The diamonds, loving their grease, embed themselves very cozy like, while the lighter material gets carried away by the rushing water. At the very end of the process, the grease is scraped off the belt and melted away, leaving only the diamond roughs left for collection.

How cool is that?!

Well now you might be wondering, what does this mean for our diamond jewelry? 

A finished diamond still has the same affinity for grease as a diamond rough. (Uh, oh!)

Yes, this means any lotion, sunscreen, oils from your hands, perfumes, makeup, soaps, food, etc. all tend to stick themselves to your diamond… OR maybe your diamond is just so sparkly, the grease can’t help themselves, who are we to judge? =)

If you have ever been told to put your jewelry on last when you get ready and take it off first when you’ve returned, whoever gave you that advice was trying to do you a great service. Once your products have a few minutes to soak into your skin or dry, there is less product available to weasel its way to your diamond.

As jewelers, we know we’re all human! Even we sometimes forget to take our rings off when we should. That’s okay though! Routine maintenance and care from your local trusted jeweler will ensure that your ring stays in amazing condition now and for the next gen. 

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